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Jonathan “The REAL” McCoy, Watch Him!

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jonathan_mccoyPlease click Jonathan’s photo and watch his YouTube presentation…
Too often, as a society, we insult our young people, labeling them as a lost generation. Here’s a young man who has taken leadership in to his 11-year-old hands.  Jonathan E. McCoy gave a rousing speech earlier this year to his church in Baltimore about why our community needs to drop the ‘N’ word. His speech, “A New Petition,” called for the discontinuation of that six-letter word, and the slang usage of the word.

“I’m sending a message to everyone who knowingly or ignorantly uses this word to describe our people, whether you’re a gangster rapper who uses it to communicate with your boys, or someone who looks down on us who haven’t got a college education,” said the pint-sized orator. “Whatever the case, it’s time to discontinue the use of this word. It is implausible that 40 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we still use this word that holds no worth in our lives nor our future.”

According to his Facebook fan page, Jonathan has always been a gifted child. At an early age, he learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and was immediately drawn to Dr. King’s commitment to justice for all. Jonathan’s early desire to effect change, inspired him to use petitioning as a way to call out injustice.

His first act of petitioning apparently involved hand washing. While in the second grade, says his Facebook profile, Jonathan asked his fellow classmates to sign a petition that would allow students the choice to opt out of the school’s enforced hand sanitizer policy and instead wash their hands with soap and water. When his teacher found out about the petition, she settled the request in the children’s favor.

Since presenting a “New Petition” to the 1,500 plus congregants at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Jonathan has appeared on Black America Web with Tom Joyner, and spoken at numerous events around the country. Through his relationship with Morehouse College, Jonathan has promoted what is called a “Free Zone” initiative which discourages sagging, cursing, and use of the “N” word.

According to his fan page, Jonathan maintains a high GPA and has been the recipient of a plethora of awards, citations, and acknowledgments for his academic achievements. All of this comes at the encouragement of his parents, who support his talents.


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September 30, 2009 at 5:04 pm

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hue-man1Politico-tainment television reached a unique high as the honorable Tom (The Hammer) Delay strutted his stuff and shook his “ass” liberally, during the popular dance-off contest on national television.  The former conservative Republican Party congressional majority leader, executed an impressive and provocatively choreographed interpretation of an iconic rock-n-roll song, “Wild Thing.” As I am a virtual political junkey of the baby boomer generation, my observation is that the prevailing idea of political leadership seems to be merging with the concept of celebrity and star quality popularity  These are the political sentiments of Gary James.  Click here StrategicRepublicans.com, to read the entire piece…

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September 22, 2009 at 11:16 pm

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Harlem Photo Essay

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ACPjrThe gentrification of Harlem remains a controversial , as Black American businesses and residents have been disproportionably impacted by displacement.  This photo essay of Harlem sites, showcases the unfolding transition of the community in terms of the physical and optical aesthetic.  Click the photo to view the presentation.  If you enjoy that presentation the second installment Harlem Now 2, can be accessed by visiting the VIDEOS PAGE.  In addition to part two, other video presentations are accessible, such as, Gov. Palin in  Alaska, Babies love candidate Obama, Dick Gregory on Clinton and candidate Obama, Obama on campaign trail, DNC Denver Convention, The Great Journey, President Barack Obama, Vintage New York City, New York City Now, How Imperial VP Cheney Emerged, “TABOT” Christianity, Vintage New York City (Gotham), ERACISM: Are We Our Worse Enemy?, Harlem-New York GOP Reset Initiative Launched, Police Accountability Initiative.

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September 21, 2009 at 8:54 pm

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New Race Paradigm Required

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America was born with a congenital birth defect that continues to mitigate against establishing the “more perfect union” injunction, associated with “this noble experiment.”   While the election of President Barack Obama, the first African American commander and chief of the United States of America, represents a quantum leap forward, the emerging political and social backlash from the usual suspects is percolating to the surface.

The invisible gorilla (racism) in the room, which was festering just beneath the political surface is emerging as we move into the ninth month of the Obama administration and practical reality now is beginning to pervade America.  Some suggest that the standard politically correct public denials by some that the escalating political tactics on the ground against the president is not racially driven are either naïve, ignorant or have a political dog in the fight.

Despite other opportunities since the election of the president, to engage the much touted “race conversation,” the political and social discourse has thus far reiterated traditional race based political juxtapositions.  Media, politicians, religious, business and civic leaders of all sorts continue to perpetuate the idea of racial distinctions in their everyday formal and informal conversations and comments.  Phrases such as “people of all races,” “racial minorities,” “the black” and “white” race, for example, continue to dominate the conversation.

Moreover, issues such as slavery, racism and reparations, tend to emerge as the practical context and staging area from which the circular rhetorical dual begins.  This writer is among those who embraced the idea of a “teachable moment” as articulated by President Obama and Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. following the high profile and controversial arrest of the Harvard scholar in his apartment.  Unfortunately, all expectations of a serious, substantive and elevated discussion on race was quickly eclipsed by the White House beer buddies moment and level of visceral vituperation from various quarters.

Interestingly enough, it has been generally accepted and understood that racial distinctions were an imposed social construct with political and economic objectives that was the basis and foundations of America and its wealth.  Concomitantly, the language of all aspects of American life is essentially binary, and is now crystallized in white and black racial terms.  Despite the fact that there is no biological basis to the idea of racial distinctions, the race conversation has yet to move beyond the multi race narrative and (black vs white or minority vs majority) political dialectic.

A new race paradigm is required and it must be an outgrowth of a new language that embodies and represents the whole truth, which is, that there is only one race of human beings.  Now that the science of genetics has definitively debunked the idea of multiple races and has unequivocally proven that the human race constitutes only one family, the political and social language must be reformed, and the human history/educational narrative must be revised.

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