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Rudy For Governor, Not Senator!

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Commenting on recent reports in the media that Mayor Rudy Giuliani is seriously considering running for the US Senate in 2010, Republican Party activist and political analyst Gary James said, “Mayor Giuliani may be a virtual shoe-in as the GOP standard bearer for the United States Senate, But, I will only support him as a candidate for Governor.”

“Should Giuliani decide on the federal legislature as opposed to the New York State House, it may generate suspicion that a political accommodation was reached between Giuliani and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.  It is a foregone conclusion that Cuomo, the younger, will run for Governor, and challenge the political ambition of Governor David Paterson to be elected to a full term of office.  The recent reports that Andrew wrote Rudy a heads-up communiqué that he (Andrew) intended to seek the Governors Manson, may have let the political cat out of the bag…”

James continued, “If the former mayor steps aside, by way of running for the United States Senate, the move would wreak of backroom style politics without the smoke.  The affinity that Mayor Giuliani has with the Cuomo family is well documented.  During his term as mayor, Rudy endorsed then Governor Cuomo over the Republican Party candidate George Pataki, who ultimately won the election.  In this context, the Giuliani and Cuomo relationship advances in the best of two worlds, party politics notwithstanding.”

“While I support the mayors right to pick his friends and engage in his version of bi-partisan politics, his decision to run for the senate would put the needs of the Republican Party on the back burner at best.  On the other hand, a Rudy Giuliani campaign for Governor would invigorate the party at the grassroots level and militate against internal dynamic between conservative component of the party and everyone else.  The Republican Party will not be able grow to become competitive in local elective politics until the fatal dichotomy is adequately addressed.”

“Apart from the good his gubernatorial campaign would do for growing the party, the mayor has demonstrated his capacity as a chief executive during his two terms at City Hall.  On the contrary, Rudy as a US Senator with the status of being one among 100 equals, does not seem to Giuliani strength, and will not inspire my vote.  But perhaps a resurgent GOP is not a priority of the former mayor.  May be Rudy’s friendship with the Cuomo’s will trump the GOP party building imperative, and facilitate a potential new Republican Senator from New York.”

Gary James is and author and writer and he blogs at www.gjamescadreusa.wordpress.com


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November 28, 2009 at 5:38 pm

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Is Hope Alive for Harlem and New York GOP?

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The Harlem and New York Republican Party may have received the preverbal shot in the arm on Monday November 9, 2009, when the honorable Michael Steel, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), rallied the party at a Harlem restaurant venue, owned by local entrepreneur, Joe Holland.  The local gathering was reminiscent of a bye-gone era when the Manhattan Republican Club held political court in Harlem, with colorful personalities such as, Vivian Hall, Vincent Baker, and Aileen Avery among many others.

While the turn out by the party faithful left a lot to be desired comparatively speaking, the event was a clear indication the local Grand Old Party (GOP) is alive, but not very healthy…  Perhaps the GOP politics in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, this past Election Day, is a metaphor of the immediate future.  If this is the case, the future is but a recasting of the past political self defeating scenarios.  Accordingly, the Democratic Party candidate won the long standing Republican Party seat, due to political fratricide within the GOP.

So whereas Chairman Steel’s visit to Harlem and the New York GOP, could have been a politically triumphant closing of a sorted annual electoral season, and the launching of a opening decade political initiative in 2010, the meeting turned out to be more of the same old, same old.  As such, the Harlem rally, fell victim to the perennial house Negro internal politics, and the New York county and state leadership, remained acquiescent to the monolithic and constricted agenda of the social-conservative wing of the party.

Despite the crisis state of the Harlem Democratic Party elected leadership and mounting challenges to Democratic Party’s national and local credibility, the party of Lincoln and its illustrious brand, cannot account for its contemporary political identity.  Shamelessly, the New York, as well as the national party has yet to challenge the revisionist political history of the party advanced by the social-conservative wing of this great party.  The legacy of the party is progressive, cutting-edge eclecticism, beginning with its auspicious launching..

Gary James, Chairman and CEO of www.StrategicRepublicans.com say, “We must necessarily stop the tail from wagging the dog.  And, traditional black Republicans must strengthen their political spines and resist their classic function as cameos and members of the peanut gallery…  An example of the peanut gallery syndrome is the recent appearance of a hand pick group of Harlem Republicans on the politically controversial Glenn Beck show.  In typical form the black Republicans were essentially held speechless, but all present had ample opportunity to smile for the cameras, and provide an illusion of diversity.

Gary James is a writer, political analyst and blogger.  James is the author of two books and is currently on an extensive tour of the Caribbean promoting his books.  You access some of his posts at www.gjamescadreusa.wordpress.com

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November 25, 2009 at 8:11 pm

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Reagan’s 11th Commandment Out Dated?

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When President Reagan coined the 11th commandment, “thou shall not speak ill of fellow Republicans,” there was no pervasive back drop of political devastation and public spectacle, shadowing the party.  Now that the Republican Party has apparently lost its politically sophisticated edge, in terms of Presidential and national elective politics, perhaps it is timely to revisit the Reagan 11th commandment, some thirty years hence.

The propriety of our cursory review of the Reagan principle is underscored by the 2008 presidential campaign process and aftermath.  Should the broad cross section of Republican Party registrants remain the silent majority, while the brand and illustrious legacy of the Grand Old Party (GOP), is grossly misrepresented by revisionist conservative-Republicans.  Prominent social, conservative-Republican celebrity personalities such as Mrs. Sarah Palin, Mr. Glenn Beck and Mr. Rush Limbaugh, just to name a few, continue to malign the Republican Party, and admonish the party leadership to adhere to its conservative base, only…

Former New York campaign and political operative for the Reagan-Bush re-election effort in 1984 discloses his perspective and political links, in the hall mark campaign, wherein, the Republican Party candidate President Ronald Reagan, carried New York State.  A Republican candidate had not carried the State since 1924, when President Calvin Coolidge won the empire state.

“Since President Reagan’s landslide victory in New York, twenty-five years ago, the Republican Party at the local level in particular, has melted down, in terms of its district leader infrastructure, and community based visibility.”  These are the words of former New York City based political activist Gary James, who currently enjoys spending New York winters in St. Croix, US VI.

“In April of 1984, I was solicited by the Reagan White House, by way of a letter over the signature of Roger Stone, the Director of the Northeastern region of the campaign to re-elect Reagan-Bush.  The contents of the letter explicitly said that the White House was interested in my organization playing a role in building a strong party in the state.  In this regard we made a meaningful contribution to the success of President Reagan’s campaign victory and strengthened the party, moving forward.”

In 1985, under the auspices of the New York Republican State Committee, Gary James prepared a document entitled “Black Republican Taskforce.”  In 1986 James was approached by the Executive Director of the State Republican Committee Mr. Ed Lurie, to run the “black desk” for the gubernatorial candidate, Supreme Court Justice, Andrew O’Rourke, and in 1988, James served as Harlem delegate for Congressman Jack Kemp, during his campaign for the Republican Party Presidential nomination.

James says. “The 11th commandment must be set aside, when it comes to the fundamental survival of the Republican Party, its deteriorating brand and illustrious legacy of progressive, and cutting edge   eclecticism is in jeopardy…  The conservative minority wing, of the party has successfully created a revisionist ideological Republican history, and skillfully co-opted the agenda of party grassroots, rank and file.  Concomitantly, on the local level in New York for example, county officials and leader’s compromised the district leader infrastructure, by appointing political cronies, with no organic links to the community, and thwarting the Republican Party election primary process.”

Gary James will be blogging in defiance of the 11th commandment for the purpose of party building from the grassroots to government policy, and to reclaim the illustrious party brand, and restore the GOP legacy of progressive, cutting edge eclecticism…

James’ blogs include www.strategicrepublicans.com and www.blackpt.org among others

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November 21, 2009 at 12:45 am

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Christmas and Three Kings Day Celebrations!

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On the heels of Thanksgiving celebration and the obligatory feast among family and friends, the much anticipated Christmas holiday seasons descends on the “western world,” so called.  The annual “Yule tide” Christmas season, celebrates the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Bethlehem, and sets forth explicitly the foundation and ethic of Christianity.  In this context, Christmas occurs on December 25, and its contemporary celebration modality, has to a very large extent eclipsed the reason for the season.

Referred to by generations leading up to WWI, as “old Christmas,” Three Kings Day also celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, but this popular commemoration occurs on January 6, about two weeks following the traditional December 25, event.  The Three Kings Day, version of Christmas is also popular in the western world; however, it is primarily observed in Caribbean countries, and in Latin, Central and South America.

Thus, both Christmas and Three Kings Day celebrations are practiced respectively in many countries.  In the United States for example, the traditional December 25, Christmas is predominant, but in cities and areas where there is a significant Caribbean or Latin American community, Three Kings Days is most likely celebrated as well.  Some argue that in countries of the Caribbean and Central and South America, Three Kings Day rivals in popularity, the traditional December 25, modality observed in the United States and Europe.

Interestingly enough, during the early period of Christianity, prior to the 4th century, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ had not yet bifurcated.  The Christmas celebrated was bifurcated following the conversation of the Roman Emperor Constantine to Christianity.  The subsequent domination of Christianity by the Roman Empire in the 4th century was codified by the imposition of the Gregorian calendar, which according to its calculations, the birth of Jesus Christ occurred on December 25.

Prior to this period, the operative calendar was the Julian calculation, which holds that the birth of Jesus took place on January 6.  The Julian calendar is observed by practitioners of the eastern oriental orthodox branch of Christianity, which predates the Gregorian calendar by more than 300 years.  This period in the history of Christianity is referred to in scholarship, as the great “west vs. east” schism.  Therefore, the traditional Christmas and Three Kings Day essentially have a singular and shared origin.

Gary James is the author of a recently released book: “EPIPHANY: Three Wise Kings of the Magi”.  The book is an introduction to a trilogy that explores early Christianity, its evolution and links to the religions of Abraham, i.e., Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  James is currently on an extensive public relations tour promoting the work he refers to as his magnum opus.  For more information visit www.garyjames.info, ceo@garyjames.info.

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November 19, 2009 at 4:34 pm

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Transition to the Caribbean!

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Hope to move into an apartment by January 5, 2010.  The cost of living is pretty much on par with Harlem-New York, as the residential real estate is a little lower, but the cost of food is considerably higher than in the states.  Since virtually all food for mass consumption is imported there is no way to avoid high food prices, apart from going fishing and picking randomly growing local fruit.

Unless some unforeseen fortune befalls me, I am resolved of the fact that I will exceed my projected budget for rent and utilities.  I have already grown comfortable with affording the additional housing and food costs, and I’m preparing to address the other financial imperative.  In order to purchase a car and the required furniture for the apartment, I will need to apply a feasible entrepreneurial and business model.

Fortunately, thanks to the parallel universe, I have a few projects in mind, and I’ll keep you posted accordingly…  Needless to say, as it stands now, I won’t be back in the states until the spring, barring unforeseen events.  Yeah, we can do this…

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November 18, 2009 at 3:41 pm

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Discovering and Documenting Family Ancestry!

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SidBarGaryNovember 7, 2009, two days prior to leaving for the beautiful tropic island of St. Croix, US VI, Author, Gary James visits the burial site of his dear parents, Leander & Cecelia James and delivers the cremated remains beloved brother, Lonnie (Bu) James to rest eternally with his mother and father.  Along with Gary was his sister Barbara Morton, husband Sidney Morton and daughter, Pier Morton.

Subsequently, on November 9, Gary James departed New York City and route to the birthplace of his father, in the United States Virgin Island of St. Croix.  While in transit, contemplating the various elements of his visit to the Caribbean island, Gary penned the following communiqué.

Family, friends and associates,

I am pleased to inform you that I am in St. Croix, US VI, and have resolved that I will do no more winters in New York.  Unless I am kicked off the island, I won’t return to the states until next spring and will most likely enjoy my first carnival in April.  I am touring the Caribbean promoting my recently released book, “EPIPHANY: Three Wise Kings of the Magi,” in the region, by way of lecturing on the origins of Three Kings Day celebration, which occurs on January 6.  As you may know, Three Kings Day celebration (old Christmas) is very popular in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

St. Croix is the perfect venue and environment that inspires my creativity; therefore I am looking forward to completing the two remaining manuscripts that comprise the EPIPHANY TRILOGY.  In addition, I am working on other literary projects, beginning a video blogging initiative, and preparing to engage in painting and singing.

These activities are complimented by the fact that my father was born on the island and was an altar boy at Holy CrossMVC-013S Roman Catholic Church, where my grandparents were married.  My late mother Cecelia, relocated to St. Croix in the 1970’s and taught 2nd grade at Charles Emanuel Elementary School.  My late brother also relocated to the island in the 1970’s and worked for Hess Oil Refinery and served as President of the iron workers union.

As a consequence of family roots in the country, contemporary history and my personal affinity with the environment I am undertaking research to document my family ancestry in St. Croix.  We have already engaged to process and I will be reporting on progress and developments on my social networking accounts, and I will continue to blog on my sites as well as popular blogs, etc.

Enjoy the New York, New Jersey winter and I wish you all a white Christmas and a happy New Year.  I will probably post some photos from the beach or the golf course and issue a timely holiday season greeting.

Peace, www.garyjames.info

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November 14, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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