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University of Oklahoma is the latest venue wherein egregious and horrifying race based pejoratives eclipsed other events of the day. A racist song was being sung on a bus in coral fashion by members of a popular national Greek Fraternity SAE. Two leaders of the bigoted assemblage were abruptly expelled by the university president, and the fraternity house was closed down and shuttered for the immediate future. This most recent episode comes on the heels of myriad incidences around the country of blatant racism and bigoted behavior directed against African Americans by way of the N-word.

Many in the African American community make the observation that incidents of racism and racial profiling has spiked since the election of President Barack Obama in 2008. There is much irony in that popular observation because the impact of Obama’s election inspired some to suggest that America may be entering a post racial period. The post racial America idea enjoyed a brief birth however… Apparently, the established race based sensibilities associated with “majority” group psychology is being disguised as partisan politics, the results are public spectacles that ultimately betray the integrity and poor vision of political leadership, and portrays racism in the public square under the surface.

In addition, political correctness continues to be the order of the day and remediation ideas such as promoting racial tolerance, racial diversity, racial equality, and engaging in a so-called “real” conversation about race is a popular mantra. Interestingly enough the “race” conversation has been engaged and race continues to be a popular topic in formal and informal quarters and all demographics. The race based paradigm, particularly in America is ubiquitous, pervasive, pernicious, sublime and sophisticated therefore, the much touted race conversation, when it occurs, is a circular conversation without resolution or ending. This writer asserts that the race conversation and the other popular remediation techniques and ideas are, fooly-fooly…

The race conversation and other ideas of tolerance etc. will continue to generate an inconsequential circular conversation that never goes beneath the surface. The fundamental problem associated with remediating and resolving the conventional race base paradigm is to begin the process with truth, and move beyond the traditional myth. Our considered judgment is that the truth about race is too radical; therefore, in order to resolve the race dilemma, virtually everything needs to be made brand new… Hence, our suspicion is that as opposed to rewriting popular history and reordering the philosophical thrust of the systems and institutions that constitute America, the relevant parties are inclined to stonewall the status quo.

Resolving the race dilemma must begin with the truth, and no credible conversation regarding race can be undertaken with starting with the truth. Accordingly, the truth is that multiple races are a mythological social construct that was conceived of to achieve subjective outcomes, which has become outdated. This conclusion is confirmed by current scientific evidence which totally discredits and debunks the tradition race paradigm. The unequivocal evidence is that there is only one race of human beings in the world today, and everyone can trace their origin to the same woman who lived in East Africa thousands of years ago. We have been deceived and continue to be so, by the race myth as the race dichotomy exists as crystallized consciousness in the popular imagination.

But as a practical political matter there seems to be a concerted effort to continue and promote the race question, vis-à-vis, racial tolerance, racial diversity, racial equality etc., which perpetuates divide and rule. But the racial incident at Oklahoma University with the SAE Fraternity is only the tip of the iceberg, as the race problem on campus is fundamental and insidious with sublime attributes that keep it moving forward… Moreover, the continuation of the race based philosophical and psychological edge enjoyed by the “majority” community is self perpetuating by way of the sophisticated education system and human nature.

As a mater of fact, referring to “all races” and “equality among the races” perpetuates the conventional myth, and is an obfuscation of the scientific truth. There is no such thing as “all races” and the politically correct “racial equality” because there is only ONE race of human beings. Unfortunately, the level of “human nature” such as it is, has a proclivity for establishing the “other” and the perennial divide and rule preoccupation, seems to overwhelm some. Nevertheless, it is well noted that science and religion are in agreement that there is but one human family of a single origin.
At some point, hopefully in the near future, modern society will generate a critical mass from the grassroots growing upward and publicaly assert the scientific facts associated with the race phantom. A grave error was established in the past that codified the mythical multiracial social construct that has stratified America and indeed the world. It cannot be overstated how pervasive, ubiquitous, insidious, sublime, sophisticated endemic the race paradigm is…

The fact that the most recent racist event occurred among the national Greek Fraternity SAE based at the University of Oklahoma is an interesting sidebar worthy of further examination. Greek Fraternities have generated a colorful and sorted history of race based bigotry over the decades, with virtual impunity. Many of the allegations are horrific bordering on criminality in some instances. There have been various calls for the investigation of Greek Fraternities because of what is alleged to be a cultural problem among the Greeks in many college and university fraternities.

The sidebar pertinent to the current allegations surrounding the SAE Fraternity and others perhaps points to the original intent of the Greek Fraternities and their very nature. The Greco-Roman historical narrative is the cornerstone of Western civilization and the matrix for the concept of “manifest destiny” and the papal “doctrine of discovery.” The current design of the nation states of the world such as it is, can be argued is a consequence of western cultural imperialism, and hegemonic geo-political status quo.

Moreover, Greek culture and mythology represents the launching point of western civilization which is exemplified by Greek fraternities and sororities that perpetuate and carry forth the Greco-Roman tradition. While Greek culture and mythology validates and establishes western civilization and society, the associated narrative is revisionist history, and fails to offer a comprehensive story. The famous Greek historian Homer, among others spoke graphically and with great reverence in his classic work, “The Iliad” as to the fact he (Homer) credited much of his learning and education to the Egyptians. In addition, Homer was explicit when he referenced Ethiopia as “Punt” the land where God and his people reside.

Obviously, race based discrimination, bigotry and hate was not an operative component during the storied times of ancient Greece. Somehow, revisionism associated with the popular Greco-Roman history has advanced the mythology of multiple races and the “master narrative” continues to animate some in the process of higher education… Perhaps going forward there needs to be diversity in fraternal organizations in terms of Greeks and Egyptians…


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March 11, 2015 at 9:23 pm

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