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A more perfect union imperative


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The objective of this web log is to promote a serious and substantive conversation on race, moving forward.  To promote this objective we post polemical, provocative, and thought provoking articles, opinions and commentary on the issue of race, racism in general and its political, social, economic and educational permutations and applications.  We hope to inspire you to post contributions to this web log and invite your commentary to our postings. Gary James is the founder of this site.  For profile information visit GaryJJames.com.

In addition to his profile, Gary describes himself relative to the subject of race, as a uni-racialist, and advocates the formulation of a one race political-social language and a single race human history educational narrative.

“We uni-racialist hold that the idea of multiple races is a phantom social construct with political, and economic objectives that continue to be imposed by way of an out dated political-social language and historical educational narrative.  Accordingly, we seek to elevate the race discourse, political rhetoric and language beyond the racial paradigm and traditional minority political juxtapositions.”



Written by gjamescadreusa

September 15, 2009 at 10:40 pm

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